Saturday, 2 July 2011

Probably the best album in the world...

One thing that has been taking up a lot of my time lately is listening to Punk & Poetry by The King Blues.

It’s a bold statement and somewhat unsettling to say, but this is currently fighting for the crown of being the best album I own. It’s the perfect mix of political punk and hook-laden pop and captures life in London in 2011. It’s full of passion, vitriol, love and most importantly sincerity.

The lyrics are pure poetry and Itch’s delivery and intonation add further colour to every word. There’s not a single mediocre track on the album and it’s a real struggle to single out a favourite track because I love so many so much.

If I have to select highlights then its We Are F***ing Angry for it’s anger and energy, I Want You for the line "like Robson wants Jerome", Sex Education for my political sympathies and Headbutt for making me want to jump up and down like a nutter. If pushed to single out one track then it’s got to be Everything Happens For A Reason. This track is so pure and sentimental and closes out the album on a beautifully uplifting note.

I had to edit out multiple uses of perfect from this entry but I’m saving one more.

This album IS perfect.


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  2. It’s full of passion, vitriol, love click here and most importantly sincerity.