Saturday, 9 April 2011

The pleasure of buying CDs

Having been busy of late (I’m holding the little puppy responsible), I’d overlooked the release of a couple of new albums from Shihad and Steriogram. I assume I could have gone online and instantly downloaded them both but instead I chose to order two CDs from the other side of the planet. I could have opted for instant gratification at half the price but I find pleasure in awaiting the thump as the package falls through the letterbox, even if it is two weeks later.
When that thump finally came, I ripped open the envelope to find these:

Look how shiny the Shihad sleeve is and how menacing those fortress-thingies are. And aren't those doodles on the Steriogram insert fantastic? No download could give me this! I’ve not even listened to the music and I’m happy already because buying an album is more than just getting a load of data that I can put on my mp3 player (which is very definitely NOT an iPod – but that’s a rant for another day).
I like having something that I can touch, something that I can catalogue (alphabetically by artist, chronologically within artist – obviously), artwork to look at and sleeve notes to read. Does the lead guitarist write all the tracks or does the band share all the credit? Are there any guest appearances? If I've got other albums by this mixer or producer can I identify their contribution to the overall sound?
Long live the Compact Disc!

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