Saturday, 5 February 2011

Good. Better. Right.

Oh dear, I can't believe that a whole two weeks have elapsed since my last blog post. This new venture was supposed to be something to be maintained and not recklessly abandoned within a month.

But fear not, my blog is not abandoned, I've just been terribly distracted trying to make Long Distance sound good. Sound better. Sound right!

The hint of optimism at the end of my last post was warranted as I tweaked the arrangement, recorded some new vocals and now have a track that I think works really well. I'm struggling with mixing and keep edging it towards being finished but I just can't get there right now.

I think it sounds good, I really do. I listen to it in isolation and it's doing pretty much everything I want it to, but then I play it after listening to the tracks I want it to sound like and it just sounds muddy, dull and lifeless in comparison. I know where I want the track to be and I have a vague idea of how to get there but I'm expending a lot of effort in fighting against my inexperience and what might just be a lack of talent.

The current mix is good. And it is better (far better) than it was.

It's just not right.

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