Friday, 21 January 2011

One step back, two steps forward?

I spent a couple of hours this morning in The Kennel tinkering with my latest song Long Distance. I'm just finishing getting the arrangement laid down and all I have left to sort out are the backing vocals.

I headed off to work with the rough mix on my MP3 player and gave the track a listen. I was settling in to the track and feeling a little too smug with the first verse and chorus and then got a bit of a shock when a new BV for the second chorus was missing. Oh well... then the third chorus rolled on and I had the terrible realisation that my morning's work had just made the track worse!

What I have to remind myself is that this is just how the process works for me. I'm not good enough to get it right first time, every time, and often I have to go through what doesn't work before I can find what does.

My missing BV will be hiding somewhere on my hard drive and now I know with certainty what I don't want to do with the third chorus so today was a success. Progress is all I can ask for.

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